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Tawny Bartlett, Lead Developer @ Indigo Herbs

Nice to meet you! This is just a little page to introduce myself and tell you how much I love Drupal. No really, I really love it.

I learnt to code so that I could make my neopet a scrolly website when I was 11. I then got sidetracked from my important newly found web career, and finally got into Drupal in 2013 when I joined Indigo Herbs, knowing only HTML.

Since then, I have self taught through various means and now regard myself moreso as a backend developer: building systems, coding modules, typing fast and generally being geeky. I'm having a great time playing with Drupal 8 too. Considering Drupal 7 taught me PHP, it has been a steep but fascinating learning curve. To find out more about what I do, check out my LinkedIn!

I have found myself in the wonderful Drupal community and now organise and host Drupal Somerset. I enjoy going to various events and strive to start giving more back to Drupal, as it has given me so much! I hope to see you around.

Drupal Association Individual Member